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Must Farm fully preserved bronze age settlement discovered

Must Farm bronze age

Archaeologists discovered Bronze Age settlement preserved in Must farm Cambridgeshire also known as “Britain’s Pompeii”.

Items such as axes, spears, sickles, and logboats dating back to 1300 BC to 700 BC will be displayed nearby Flag Fen until Wednesday.

The ancient artefacts will be displayed at The Must farm Finds roadshow which is a component of the Flag Fen’s Festival of Archaeology.

Must farm has been regarded as extremely significant by Historic England.

Special artefacts are constantly sprayed with a wax and water solution to prevent any further decay.

Maybe I should start taking a shower with this stuff because I feel like I am aging very fast.

Flag Fen is by far the most significant Bronze Age archaeological site in Britain. I am sure archaeologists will continue to dig around for more artefacts from the bronze age.

Must farm fact finding:

Peter Grimes is a history teacher at a local Suffolk high school. He said:

”I was teaching my morning history class, and all day yesterday I was excited to share with my students that they found an item preserved from the bronze age. When I asked what they thought it was, one student shouted, It was a big black sexy sex toy ! ” It broke my heart that they don’t care about history.”

Peter Grimes put his two year notice at the end of that day. He cannot tolerate his students’ impatience for history.

He later stated, “Don’t they know that during the bronze age, the wheel was invented. Should I say that again? Hello? The…wheel…was…invented during that time”


Peter Grimes will now spend his retirement posting content on TikTok and social media regarding the bronze age and Must farm. That’s the only way He can get the students interested in the bronze age and its significance.

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