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Anglian Water is building a reservoir costing over £2bn

Anglian Water is building a reservoir costing over £2bn
Reservoir to be called “Fountain of youth”

Anglian Water, the region’s water company, is hoping to build a reservoir on the Norfolk/Cambridgeshire border despite the cost being between £2bn and £3bn.

A reservoir like this one hasn’t been built in Britain in over 30 years.

There will be a second reservoir in south Lincolnshire. Both facilities together would provide water for at least 700,000 homes.

Production will begin by 2030, and by the mid 2030s, the facilities will start supplying water to taps according to Anglian Water.

About the Reservoir:

This project has been in development for about 10 years with its main objective to fight global warming.

It is estimated to supply an average of 20 million liters of water each day. But there is a bit of a discrepancy here.

Bubba Spuckler of Norfolk has proposed a third reservoir to be built. He said he would have it built in 6 months.

Spuckler said, “ I’ve been using the same spade since I was 14. I’ve had 15 new handles and 16 new diggy bits since then. We can run a hose from another local reservoir once we’ve finished, so people can start using it straight away.”

Why is he proposing a third reservoir?

Spuckler stated, “This particular part of Europe is known as The Goldilock Zone also known as The Fountain of Youth. It doesn’t get too hot or too cold. There a special alien compounds that grow and flourish here because they lie neatly in these coordinates”

Lorraine Fisher, 34, is a Prophet, a well respected Scientologist, and allegedly, Jesus Christ Ex-girlfiend. She looks 34 but in reality she is 1,099 years old. Her secret is for the last 500 years, she has been spending 1 hour a day in this region. She built a secret underground jacuzzi in these precise coordinates. Just like Bubba Spuckler, she knows that it is the ultimate goldilocks zone, also known as the fountain of youth.

Lorraine fisher and Bubba want to live here forever together:

Norfolk and Cambrdigeshire heard the rumors that this place was the ultimate fountain of youth. Peter Grimes, a Biochemist from Cambridgeshire, and Mr. Walsh, a Geochemist from Norfolk, was sent down there to study the elements for a week.

They both found materials and compounds unknown to the current scientific literature. Grimes and Mr. Walsh left bald, and came back with a full head of hair.

They both stated, “This is truly amazing. I regeneraged my full head of hair, my vital signs are improving, and my libido is that of a teenagers.”

Norfolk and Cambridgeshire made a deal costing almost 2 billions pounds. The deal was made for both cities to share the reservoir and feed it to their cities. It will be in the water they drink and bathe in. It will also be vaporised so everyone can inhale it effortlessly.

They are calling this project, “The Forever 21 Project “ which will be available in about 6-8 months according to Bubba Spuckler and Anglian Water.

Spuckler said, “So the people of Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, just try not to die anytime soon, that would be great if you didn’t. Great things are coming.”

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