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Barrister Allison Bailey wins in court after being labeled Transphobic

Barrister Allison Bailey wins in court

Allison Bailey has been awarded £22,000 after winning her case in which she was discriminated against because of her gender beliefs.

She is a barrister at Garden Court Chambers (GCC) in London where she was being labeled as “trans-phobic” in 2019.

GCC was tweeting saying they are gonna go look at her old tweets in order to find some dirt on her regarding her views on sex changes.

So be careful out there kids. If you are 11 and tweeting something offensive, in 89 years, someone will dig it up and use it against you. They even started canceling dead people. That makes no sense.

An LGBT charity teamed up with GCC to scheme against Ms Bailey. That’s when she accused Stonewall of “trans-extremism”.

“Trans-extremism”, I had to look that word up on Urban Dictionary. It’s not there yet.

What’s even more insane is that Ms Bailey is a full blown Lesbian..or is it Pescatarian or Episcopalian…one of those.

The point is that she likes women and the LBF9*& group is turning against their own people.

You can’t make this up!

Allison Bailey who is a lesbain simply believes that a woman should be defined as an “adult human female”.

Her salary decreased because of these kinds of views against trans people.

Wait until the days when we have robot judges and robot cops. I don’t think they are capable of being transphobic unless someone programs the software to act transphobic.

Or how about the octopus that predicts who will win the world cup. I don’t think that octopus is biased. We should have an octopus as part of the jury from now on. They seem to know what they are doing.

This has never been the case ever in the history of court cases. Imagine if Charles Bronson or OJ

Simpson said, “I don’t feel like I’m in my safe space. Please don’t assume my gender.”

If you get in trouble and you are on trial, just say that you woke up that day and DECIDED that you wanna change your pronouns. So when the plaintiff is questioning you, just say you feel offended that they are not calling you by the desired pronouns. This will effectively reduce his lawyer’s income dramatically. Then when the case is over, change your pronouns back.

The real Impossible:

Doug Trench, a lawyer in London says he will now encourage all his defendants to identify as both male and female cartoon characters.

He stated, “If I am ever losing a case, I can always use the trans-extremism card to win the case.

It’s not a bad plan b to have. I recommend it.”

Doug Trench also started teaching Trans-extremism 101 at Oxford. He wants every lawyer to use it in court. You can also access his course on Youtube Premium. It’s only a matter of time that it’s not going to be YOUtube any more, but THEY/THEM tube or IT tube.

If singer Demi Lovato can go from “she” to “they/them”, then back to “she”, then so can you.

This is what Allison Bailey will do from now on in her professional career.

If they ask her, what do you identify as, she will say “All of them. I am all the things about being human.”

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