Friday, May 10, 2024

The £5 billion east west rail project connecting Oxford and Cambridge seems impossible

The £5 billion east west rail project connecting Oxford and Cambridge seems impossible.

The East West Rail project will link Oxford to Cambridge, with services being introduced incrementally.

Reports say that there will be three developmental stages.

The Infrastructure and Projects Authority said there are many issues regarding the project which might seem improbable to execute.

East west rail project issues:

Some major issues are schedule, budget, quality, benefits delivery, and other related complications.

Work began in 2020 in Bicester to Bletchley and is reported to add £1.1 billion into the economy.

The east west rail project should reach its final completion in 2024 if everything goes as planned.

It would be interesting to interview the locals who often commute from Oxford to Cambridge to see what they would say about the project.

Some might say they prefer to drive, use ride share services, ride their bikes, or even walk. I doubt someone would say they would rather swim there.

Only Chuck Norris can swim on concrete.

Stephen Hawking would have loved this project given his disability. He would have gotten to Cambridge in no time.

On board the bullet train!
Did you know Hawking attended St Albans High School for Girls for a few months?

Just a fun fact for you. Maybe that’s where he started to think about “black holes” in every sense of the word. I guess we will never know.

What experts say about east west rail project?

Lorraine Fisher, 34, professor at Hogwarts was interviewed by the BBC. She said,

“I really hope they do build the east-west rail because it passes through Bletchley in Buckinghamshire which is where I can easily get to Hogwarts. I’m tired of using my broom, and I don’t want to take ubers anymore because they always ask me about Harry Potter. I didn’t know the fellow. I saw him around campus sometimes. That’s about it.”

The east west rail project is still in the early stages. Through careful strategic planning I believe they can make it work. Only time will tell.

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