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Aldeburgh woman complains AGA makes kitchen too hot

Well-heeled Aldeburgh woman Lorraine Fisher, 34, says her top-of-the-range AGA cooker is making her kitchen unbearably hot during the heatwave.

Ms Fisher, who lives in a £1.5 million detached home close to the Suffolk resort’s seafront, said AGA manufacturers should make sure the stoves give off less heat.

“In this day and age of modern conveniences, you’d think they would have worked out how to have cool AGAs.

“We got our’s when we had a £75,000 refit of the kitchen. During the winter it was lovely, especially once I’d worked out how to use it.

“But to my surprise, it keeps spouting out hot air even during these exceptionally uncomfortable temperatures.”

Ms Fisher has no complaints about the warm choice of electric fires in her living room, it’s just she can’t stand the heat in the kitchen.

She added: “I have tried calling AGA stockists to complain but for some reason, they seem to be ignoring me.

“It’s just poorly designed. It’s not like my fridge makes my kitchen cold in winter.”

Ms Fisher said she may have to rip out the AGA and go for a less trendy appliance.

“But I’d hate to think I got something a middle-class person might use.”

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