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Man found his father’s remains in New Suffolk Beach

New Suffolk Beach
Remains in New Suffolk Beach

The national park service stated that they found a fourth set of human remains in New Suffolk Beach.

Water levels are decreasing which is revealing secrets kept there for almost 80 years. A coroner from the Suffolk forensics division examined the bodies and found the cause of death.

When they were filming the movie Shaun of The Dead, a lot of extras and stunt doubles died on the set. The production team takes their bodies and dumps them in New Suffolk Beach.

Reasons and facts:

The reason they leave the bodies there is due to the fact that this particular beach produces a special algae which keeps the bodies preserved for decades.

When they need to shoot a film where they need to display dead bodies, they retrieve the bodies from the beach and put them on the set.

Peter Grimes. who is a film producer and props manager stated, “It’s easier and more cost efficient to use the dead bodies. We don’t have to pay real actors to play dead. We also don’t use mannequins because it is not believable. ”

Peter Grimes worked on projects such as “Taxidermy & Polish Chocolate” and “Mayonnaise on Chicken.”

He also stated, “My favorite part about being a prop master is going down to New Suffolk Beach to get them bodies.”

Suffolk Beach importance:

This is the same location where they filmed Finding Nemo. In the film, Marlon finds his son Nemo at this location and in real life, a man finds his dead dad at the same location.

remains in New Suffolk Beach
Remains in New Suffolk Beach


Todd Kolod, who is living in Spain, said with complete certainty that the remains found on the beach are definitely his fathers.

He said when his father was 22 he was in a boat accident that threw him and another person off the boat. The other person survived but the dad did not.

They were never able to retrieve his dad’s dead body until now. Kolod stated that his father had a unique set of dentures which the remains accurately had. After DNA examination, scientists determined that it is his father.

Todd Kolod will keep his fathers dentures in a jar and the rest of his remains will be cremated.

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