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PC Games to Remind You of Suffolk

PC Games to Remind You of Suffolk
Suffolk’s farmland is one of its most defining features

There’s so much to love about Suffolk that sometimes you need a reminder of it when you’re away from home. There’s the rich history of this county, with famous artifacts still being unearthed to this day. Nobody could forget the rolling countryside, carefully tended by Suffolk’s many farmers. This in turn gives Suffolk’s artisans the raw produce that they need to create some of the finest foods in the world, Suffolk is famed for its cheeses and beers. Anyway, we all agree that Suffolk has plenty going for it, so if you are missing home a little, these are some games that will give you a taste of what you’re yearning for.

My Little Farmies

One of the loveliest things about Suffolk is watching the farmers go about their work in the fields. Pastures full of sheep, cows, and pigs are ten a penny in the rolling Suffolk countryside and flower farms are a real feast for the eyes too. With such fertile lands, it makes sense that Suffolk is home to so many of Britain’s farmers, so if you’re feeling a little homesick and need a reminder then a farming game might be just the ticket.

My Little Farmies is an adorable browser-based game that allows you to create a thriving village community all based around farming. You can plant, water, and harvest crops to make a bit of money, you can even choose to mill your cereals to boost your earnings further. Once you’ve saved up plenty of cash, you can buy adorable animals too. Your chickens will reward you for regular feeding with fresh eggs and other villagers will flock to your farm to buy some to take home. As well to this, there’s a social element too, where you can invite your friends and work as a cooperative, helping out on one another farms from time to time.

Some people would rather spend their life growing beautiful things rather than tending to animals and there’s also a game for that too. In Bloom is a slot-style game that allows you to grow and pick beautiful blooms. Whilst there are plenty of places to play In Bloom, LeoVegas ranks highly on Casino Review’s list of casinos offering no deposit bonuses to their new customers. This list is made up of independently reviewed casinos which are ranked by the generosity of their bonuses, as well as the range of games on offer and how simple the site is to navigate. Whilst In Bloom is the obvious choice for those wanting to emulate the beauty of Suffolk’s flower fields on their own computer, there are a bunch of other slot games to choose from too.

Cheese Game

Cheese Game
Those who’ve left a brie to ripen unattended will know all too well of cheese’s ability to ‘run’

Suffolk is known for its delicious cheeses and whilst you might think that games based on cheese would be thin on the ground, you couldn’t be further from the truth. There are all kinds of culinary games that are available to play online that allow you to cook with delicious cheeses, but the game we’re going to look at today lets you actually become the cheese. It sounds a little crazy because it is. Cheese Game was developed and produced by the one man band that is Zach Hsu. It’s his one and only release, a project that he simply couldn’t help but create.

The game allows you to play as a sentient piece of cheese. You can run around and fend off those who want to eat you. For those who’ve ever left a wedge of Baron Bigod brie out for a little too long, you’ll know that cheese can move further than you might think. Either way, the cheese in Cheese Game runs faster than any cheese you’ve ever seen before. You’ll need to harness the power of the cheese in order to escape the bosses that want to eat you. Duck and weave through the grasping mitts of a sheriff, dodge past a terrifying ghost and try to find a way to sneak in an attack too.

It’s terribly silly, but great fun gaming, and with a price tag of absolutely nothing, you can’t afford not to give it a go. Terrifyingly, this game has received thousands more positive reviews than our Suffolk monopoly game ever did. We thought that Suffolk monopoly was actually pretty good, so it only stands to reason that the inventively named Cheese Game is probably one of the greatest games of our time.

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