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Suffolk inventor creates submersible car

Suffolk inventor creates submersible car

Suffolk inventor creates submersible car after being fed up with floods. Caraticus Potts, a Suffolk inventor is responsible for the car that can drive underwater.

He said that they have been filming a lot of movies on the coast of England which is causing the city of Suffolk to get flooded.

Some of the films they shot in the ocean are Spongebob Squarepants 3, Sharknado 7, Shark Tank, Mad Max 5, and Finding Nemo’s Hat.

Sometimes it can be 3 feet of water. Sometimes it can be 18 feet of water. Potts (Suffolk inventor) said, he’s had enough. If only there was a way to survive underwater.

He (Suffolk inventor) spent 19 hours a day trying to manufacture and print 3D print gills in which he can wear to breathe underwater.

But then he thought, “how am I going to move fast underwater?” He was watching Back to The Future when he got the idea, it was a classic Ah ha moment.

Suffolk inventor must create the first ever submersible car which uses water as fuel. The car doesn’t have any tires. It doesn’t use oil, breaks, or an exhaust pump.

It also doesn’t need coolant or a water pump because the car is already underwater.

He (Suffolk inventor) even built a screen on the dashboard just in case he has to troubleshoot the vehicle. When the car is malfunctioning, he can go on Youtube and watch the tutorial to fix it.

The vehicle is expected to hit the market sometime in 2023. It will cost a whopping 9.6 million Pounds which is more than a Bugatti Chiron.

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