Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Baywatch reboot to start filming on Lowestoft beach

Baywatch reboot will start filming on Lowestoft beach

It has been confirmed that a new series of Baywatch will start production on Lowestoft beach.

It is reported that the only way the original actors such as David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson will do the show is if they are paid £9 million per episode.

Which is more than what Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are getting paid per episode for the Morning Show; £2 million.

It is reported that Dwayne Johnson and Jason Mamoa will reprise their roles. But we will see them as Black Adam and Aquman respectively. They will be the main villains of the show.

Johnson and Mamoa destroy the Claremont Pier and the Thatch Cottage in multiple episodes.

They wait until the city rebuilds it, then they destroy it again.

The writers of the show said, “we want the audience to really feel like they are there at Sandy’s Toes during these events.”

Baywatch was known for their slow mo shots of the lifeguards running towards danger to make the actors look sexy. This was inspired by the Olympics. There will be a total of 108 hours of slow mo scenes at Lowestoft beach.

The producers were able to buy the rights for £10 because at the time, there was no single individual to control the assets of the show.

Just like in the original series, in the reboot, nobody will be allowed to gain weight.

“As long as they are gonna be on the show, they have to remain as fit as humanly possible”, said one of the producers.

One of the executive producers stated that they are using a total of 209 bottles of sunscreen a day on set at Lowestoft beach.

The first episode will air early 2023.

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