Sunday, June 2, 2024

Family lockdown rules changed for Norfolk

Norfolk beach
Norfolk family on the beach yesterday

By Ian Bred, Norfolk Correspondent

The lockdown rule restricting outside activity to a close family group has been changed in Norfolk because it meant the whole county went out together.

Strict regulations that work perfectly well elsewhere in the UK threw up complications in Norfolk where everyone is related to each other.

As soon as the sun came out, they all left their huts and went out at the same time for a stroll.

It meant there was zero social distancing controls on the coast at places like Blakeney where hundreds of thousands went out for a walk together.

Our exclusive photograph, above, shows just how closely packed the Norfolk natives were, sparking fears of a spike in coronavirus cases.

Government health spokeswoman Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “We have been forced to change the lockdown rules in Norfolk.

“We now clearly state that only three people from the same household can venture out together, and family groups are restricted.”

But not all Norfolk residents are happy. Farm hand Bubba Spuckler, 34, who lives in Downham Market with his sister and their five children, said: “This cooroona virus is a load o’ old squit.”

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