Saturday, July 13, 2024

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Amazon hires dyslexic accounts clerk in diversity drive

Popular online corner shop, Amazon has hired a dyslexic accounts clerk in a drive to diversify its workforce. Or has it?

Either that, or some dodgy eastern European scam artist has sent out the worst phishing email in the history of the internet.

Mounthly Payment Failur

Presumably ‘monthly payment failure’. More like monthly spelling failure. It’s not as if they are hard words to spell like, fraudulence, misrepresentation, or inveiglement. Don’t they have dictionaries in Romania?

My renewal membership has been rejecteds

Which is weird because I don’t have an Amazon Prime subscription, and even if I did, and my payment method had expired, that would require a ‘Prime subscription renewal’, and not a ‘renewal Prime subscription’, surely?

Schaduled to renew

Okay. Just let me check my carlander and I will put a date in my diarery.

Who are you calling stupid, stupid?

Worst of all, whoever wrote this, thinks I’m the stupid one!

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