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International Podiatrists honoured Norfolk feet

International Podiatrists honoured Norfolk feet

In a rare honour – historically bestowed only upon the feet of the peoples of Egyptian, Roman, and Greek heritage. Norfolk feet have been inducted into the Podiatrists’ Hall of Fame – in recognition of their own unique biological deformation.

Norfolk Feet Award

A panel of international Podiatrists and Chiropodists and other people fascinated by feet.(athletes, for example) announced the award after conducting a lengthy 25-minute study of the rare condition known as ‘norfoot’. Norfoot refers to the distinctive webbed toes commonly found among people born in the backward East Anglian county of Norfolk, England.

Webbed Dogfoot

The announcement was greeted with glee by the Puddledock Association of Limbs, Metatarsals,.Ankles, Toes, and, Emery boards whose chairman, Vanessa Chickpea told this reporter “F*ckin’ YESSSSS! I’ve never won anything before! Ahem.

I mean, we are pleased that, at long last, people from Norfolk born with ‘norfoot’. have been recognized as ‘special’ rather than denigrated as deformed or inbred, etc. Now, All Norfolk Dumplings with the norfoot peculiarity can take their rightful place in society alongside.other palmates such as Platypi, Otter, Newt, Pelican, and Daschund.”

Chickpea, who is semipalmated (W.C. ‘Having webs between some, but not all, of the toes’), accepted the award to a rousing round of muffled, squelchy applause from the small crowd of P.A.L.M.A.T.E. members gathered at the ceremony held in the reptile house at Banham Zoological Gardens, Norwich.

Did you know…

British naval hero, Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson who hailed from Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk, is believed to have had at least two webbed feet, possibly three! 1st Viscount Nelson, who is known for holding the record for the longest-ever standing still on a column in a London Square, developed the condition as a boy when he spent too many hours playing with toy galleons, barefoot in a local duck pond. Historians believe that duck urine was infused into his bloodstream via the exposed skin under his toenails where he had clipped them too short, and that over time, his multiple feet morphed so as to resemble those of a mallard.

W.C. = Working Class

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