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Environmentalists force 5p levy on plastic £5 notes

Environmentalists add 5p tax to plastic fiver

By Gemma Owen

Green campaigners behind the plastic carrier bag ‘tax’ have now forced through a 5p levy on plastic five pound notes.

The Environment Agency has added the tariff over concerns that Britain’s throwaway society will litter the streets with fivers that can’t biodegrade and will harm the environment.


Now every time someone receives a plastic five pound note from the bank, they will be charged £5.05.

“Although those elected prefer to call them ‘polymer’ notes, the simple truth is they are made of plastic, and plastic as we well know is a hazard to our birds and marine life”, a spokesman from the agency said.

“We would like to limit the amount of five pound notes issued and get people to use coins instead. We believe that if this levy is in place it will make people think twice about using these notes, therefore reducing the risk of damage that plastic causes to our environment.”

However, Mr Robert Card from the Royal Mint was full of praise for the new fiver. “What I like about them is that you can put them in a washing machine to keep them clean,” he said. “I tested one myself when I washed my smalls yesterday. They will definitely survive a 90 degree wash.”

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