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Suffolk man makes candle from his ear wax

Candle made from ear wax

A Suffolk man has collected his own ear wax for five years and turned it into a CANDLE.

Jerry Wix, 32, from Mildenhall, presented the candle to his girlfriend as a special gift to remind her of him.

“She was surprised, but seemed to like it,” he said. “Although she did say she preferred the scented candles from John Lewis.

“My candle does not smell that great, to be honest.”

Book salesman Mr Wix says he has always endured producing a lot of ear wax, so decided to turn the condition into a positive.

“Rather than throwing it away, I began digging it out of each ear and collecting it in a jar. I was surprised at how much I was getting.

“Then last month I thought I had got enough. I looked up on the internet to see how to shape a candle and put a wick through the middle.

“It lights the first time and burns quite slowly with a dark yellow flame.

“I am really pleased, and what’s more I saved myself about £2.50.”

Ear wax candle

Health experts say using the ear wax candle will be fine, but that Mr Wix should consider seeking treatment to reduce the amount of ear wax he produces.

His girlfriend, Lorraine Fisher, 34, added: “The candle is absolutely disgusting. I appreciated the effort he put into it, and that it was a loving gesture, but I like to light candles to create a relaxing and scented atmosphere.

“This one just makes me want to vomit.”

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