Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Pop-up body armour shop opens in Norwich Road, Ipswich

Busting Norwich Road in Ipswich (Photo: Google maps)

There was good news for Ipswich’s beleaguered shopping districts today after a new pop-up store opened in the town’s Norwich Road.

The store specialises in selling body armour and is already doing a roaring trade.

Locals have been flooding into the shop, squeezed between seventeen exotic cafes and nine barbers, after what other local newspapers described only as a “police incident” yesterday.

Suffolk retail expert Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Body armour has become the must-have present this Christmas, and this new pop-up store is taking full advantage.

“Ipswich people can now walk the streets of the town without fear of being caught up in any sporadic gang warfare, not that this sort of thing goes on in Ipswich, you understand.”

It is believed posh outlet Coes, also on Norwich Road, is watching the new pop-up store with interest and is considering stocking a range of purple moleskin body armour.

Shopping analysts say the body armour range overtook sacks of onions as Norwich Road’s best-selling products within minutes of the pop-up store opening.

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