Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Civil service cry babies asked queeny-weenie to ‘tell off’ Boris

Civil service cry babies asked queeny-weenie to ‘tell off’ Boris

WESTMINSTER, LONDON – Senior civil service spoke to officials of Buckingham Palace to express their concern about Boris Johnson’s conduct in office, the SUFFOLK GAZETTE has been told.

The reports come amid widespread disinterest at the Westminster bubble’s relentless obsession with itself, and its inability to address real issues affecting everyday working people.

The clue is in the job title

According to government insiders, several snowflake civil servants, whose job it is to carry out the instructions of the government of the day (the clue is in the job title) – thought their time would be better spent complaining to the late Queen Elizabeth about how they were ‘upset’ at having to implement policies that weren’t in line with their own political beliefs – despite the fact that their role requires them to be politically neutral whilst implementing the will of the people through the execution of the elected government’s manifesto promises.

Civil Service Servants

During the period of government between 2016 and 2022 – the subject of a new BBC documentary series ‘State of Chaos’ made by political speech therapist, Laura Kuenssberg – it was common for left-wing politicians, BBC & Guardian journalists, and wet civil servants to coordinate attacks on the Tories and in particular, PM Boris Johnson.

Accusations of ‘partying’ in Downing Street during Covid-19 lockdowns, not dying of Covid, bullying people with feint praise, and generally being too popular amongst the British electorate were levelled at him on a daily basis via the corrupt, partisan mainstream media.

Leaked reports suggest that when the leftist conspirators realized that Johnson wasn’t going to go quietly, they decided to try to induce the queen to do their bidding, by spreading malicious rumours about Johnson ‘doing things that they didn’t agree with’, and ‘following a centre right agenda’ which was ‘contrary to their personal beliefs.’

Upon hearing of the civil service’s allegations, her late Majesty was reported as saying, “Tell them lefties to f*ck the f*ck orf. Aim too busy traying to get Charlie ready to be King, FFS.”

Careful what you wish for

Only time will tell if the Civil Service will actually stop complaining and get on with some work when it finally gets the labour government it so desperately wants.

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