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Court orders Wayne Rooney to do unpaid work at Ipswich Town

Wayne Rooney Ipswich

By Hugh Dunnett, Crime Correspondent

Drink-driving Wayne Rooney will drop down a division to play for Ipswich Town after magistrates ordered him to do unpaid work for the needy.

Rooney, 31, admitted being nearly three times over the limit when he was stopped driving a woman’s VW Beetle early in the morning.

He was banned from driving for two years and fined £170 – but then ordered to do 100 hours work to help the vulnerable in society.


Stockport magistrates agreed today that Ipswich were desperately needy and that Rooney could play for the club for nothing throughout October.

Rooney, who usually collects up to £100,000 a week for playing for Premier League side Everton, will not get a penny during his stint at Portman Road.

An Ipswich Town official said: “We could never afford Wayne’s wages, but playing for us is classed as work in the community, so we don’t have to pay.”

During his month-long stay in Suffolk, Rooney will experience playing in the famous East Anglian derby, as the home game against Norwich is on October 22.

He’ll also pull on the famous blue and white shirt in matches against Sheffield United, Burton Albion and Cardiff City.


A pal of Rooney said: “Wayne has to do unpaid work for those in dire need, and we could not think of anywhere more fitting than Ipswich.

“He’s looking forward to linking up with Mick McCarthy and the rest of the team, and hopes there is a good local taxi service.”

Ipswich currently sit in a surprisingly high fifth position in the championship. Way ahead of Norwich.

Rooney has admitted his shame after police charged him with being a man driving a VW Beetle.

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