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Old Suffolk fisherman to ‘take on’ Russian fleet

By Doug Trench, Defence Editor

An elderly Suffolk fisherman says he will “take on” the flotilla of Russian warships as it passes East Anglia today on its way to Syria.

Bert Jones, 84, fishes for crabs around Orford, and is furious that President Putin is sending his ships close to Britain, labelling it as “provocative posturing”.


He will take his small wooden boat 12 miles out into the North Sea, bob up and down in the international waters – and then wait for the Russians to turn up.

“If the Commies think they can steam along my coast they have got another thing coming.

“I will stop my boat in front of the fleet and shake this big stick at them.”

old fishermanWatch out: Bert Jones intends to give the Ruskies a bloody nose

The flotilla is made up of Russia’s only aircraft carrier — the Admiral Kuznetsov — and other vessels with awesome firepower heading for Syria to join the bloody war.

But many see the voyage down the North Sea and through the English Channel as inflammatory towards Britain, and the Royal Navy will send a destroyer and a frigate to shadow the fleet around the south coast.

“Seeing me waving my big stick in the middle of the sea might make Putin think again,” insisted Mr Jones, who has worked from Orford for 68 years. “If I make enough of a nuisance they might turn around.”

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