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Angler catches monster carp in Ipswich

Monster carp

By Courtney Pike, Angling Correspondent

A fisherman is celebrating after catching this record monster carp from the River Gipping in Ipswich.

Dave Smith, 44, spent 45 minutes battling with the huge fish before landing it on the bank near the town’s Yarmouth Road.


The carp weighed in at a whopping 303 pounds, smashing the previous British record of 68 pounds.

Dave, who works for a construction company, had heard rumours of the massive fish swimming in the town section of the Gipping for months.

“It had become something of a folk tale round these parts,” he explained. “I did not really believe it, but when I felt the bite on the line, and the strength of what I had hooked, I realised it was something special.

“I had to fight for what seemed like ages before I was able to reel it in and get it on the bank.

“But I had to call over a couple of blokes to help me do that because it was so large and flapping about. One of them took this photo so I could set the record straight.”


Once Dave had secured enough proof of his brilliant catch, he let the fish back into water and watched as it swam off.

News of the beast has already swept angling circles, and dozens of keen fishing enthusiasts have been back to the same spot to try to catch the carp again.

“It was the moment of a lifetime. Maybe no one will ever get to repeat what I did,” said Dave.

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