Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Vladimir Putin wins Dictator’s Got Talent with 640% of the vote

Vladimir Putin celebrates his landslide victory in Dictator's Got Talent
Vladimir Putin celebrates his landslide victory

There were wild celebrations across Russia today after iron-man President Vladimir Putin crushed Dictator’s Got Talent with 640% of the vote.

He beat China’s Xi Jinping into second place (145%), while Kim Jong Un of North Korea was a surprising third with 110%.

But viewers of the popular TV reality show were shocked at the poor performance of Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko, who polled only 8% of the votes, despite ruling without opposition for 26 years.

The ever-popular mainstream entertainment competition has been running on television since the 1930s when entrants from Germany, Italy, Russia and Japan were regular winners.

The concept for Dictator’s Got Talent was taken from an original entertainment in the courts of Kings and Queens from the Middle Ages onwards, who tried to out-dictator each other.

TV critic Lorraine Fisher, 34, said this year’s Dictator’s Got Talent was one of the best ever.

“Some people say the format is getting a little tired,” she explained. “But this year the show had some better publicity and the viewers got behind it.

“The Russian entry, Vladimir Putin, romped home in the final with an impressed 640% of the vote.

“It was no real shock to see Xi Jinping as runner up. But many people thought crowd favourite, little Kim Jong Un was the real winner, bagging 110% of the vote.

“He’s one to watch out for next year because Putin may not be around to defend his title.”

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