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Books that discuss the predatory gambling mechanics in games

How frequently do you visit your favorite live dealer online casino UK? Do you do it as a mere recreation activity? If yes, that’s okay. However, it’s worth noting some people can’t control the urge to gamble. Thus, they do it continuously, despite the negative consequences it carries.

Understanding gambling mechanics

Gambling mechanics refers to a predatory situation where people spend lots of money at the slightest opportunity of winning rewards.

For instance, mobile games usually use gambling mechanics like slots, roulette wheels, and lotteries. Unfortunately, these games are nowadays accessible to anyone who owns a smartphone, including children. A single click of a button is enough to initiate the spin of an online roulette while relaxed at home.

Books on gambling mechanics

Whether you’re trying to stop a gambling habit or want to up your knowledge on the gambling mechanic subject, here are three books worth your time.

Addiction by Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas, by Natasha Dow Schull

Machine gaming is a distinct realm that few outsiders can comprehend. When gambling on slots, gamblers enter a “machine zone,” where the goal is to keep playing as much as possible rather than win. The result is that these players suffer both from financial and physical strain.

This book is ideal for those who yearn to learn more about the workings of the gambling industry, as well as the gambling addiction cycle.

Nicotine Dreams: A Story of Compulsive Gambling, by Katie Cunningham

Katie Cunningham published a dramatized description of her gambling issues to help others with a similar problem.

The main character of the story is Kim. Her vices at the start of the story include shopping, cigarettes, and the stock market. When a casino opens near her residence, she, unfortunately, develops a gambling addiction. Her desire to play power machines and slots grow to the extent that she is willing to sacrifice everything to continue.

Born to Lose: Memoirs of a Compulsive Gambler, By Bill Lee

Bill Lee, a Chinese-American who grew in San Francisco, discusses his 40-year problem with gambling in the memoir – Born To Lose.  He started gambling while in 3rd grade when he lost his baseball card collection. This persisted throughout his life until he lost all he possessed at blackjack tables in Las Vegas. His self-esteem was built on winning, and he grew obsessed with money, with losses reinforcing his feelings of triviality and fueling his desire to succeed.

Born to Lose is ideal for anyone looking for an inspirational story about overcoming gambling addiction, rising from the bottom and rebranding oneself. Just like an organization does (, it’s equally important for individuals to rebrand themselves after overcoming a disorder such as gambling.

And that’s it. We hope these three books will be as helpful as possible.

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