Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Annual rail fare increase arrives on time

By Casey Jones, Railways Correspondent

Today’s 2.3% rail fare increase arrived more promptly than any trains did this year, passengers agree.

The ticket price rise, way above the 0.9% Consumer Price Index inflation rate, was also more predictable than any service offered to stressed customers of the Greater Anglia rail franchise.

Commuter Johnny Walker said: “The punctuality and reliability statistics for the Greater Anglia service are shocking. Passengers can never be sure if their trains will run, and what time they will arrive at their destination.

“However, the one thing all the train companies are very good at is ensuring the annual fare increase arrives bang on time.”

Rail fare increase arrives on timeTaken for a ride: rail fares rise above inflation again
The latest increase means the price of a standard annual season ticket from Ipswich to London will rise £165 to a whopping £7,325, plus any extra for onward London Underground journeys.

A rail insider said: “You might expect customers would get a reliable and punctual service for that sort of money. But never mind.”

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