Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Queen sends 100th birthday telegram to a train

By Casey Jones, Railway Correspondent

The Queen has sent Greater Anglia railways a telegram to celebrate its InterCity fleet reaching a remarkable 100 years old.

The locos are the oldest in the industry, taking frustrated passengers from Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex into London everyday in sheer discomfort and filth.

But Her Majesty was clearly impressed by the landmark birthday, and sent the trains a telegram – just as she does to any loyal subject who makes it to the grand old age of 100.

The Queen inspects a Greater Anglia carriage
Greater Anglia were delighted with the 100-year-old milestone for its trains.

An insider said: “People may mock us for having the oldest and most decrepit train fleet in the history of the world, but the old girls are still going, despite some unfortunate mishaps along the way.

“Her Majesty The Queen was very kind to send out a telegram. It means a lot, and hopefully the trains will keep going for many years to come.”

Royal train

A Buckingham Palace spokesman told Suffolk Gazette: “The telegrams are normally sent to people who have made it to 100 years old. But Her Majesty was so impressed that Greater Anglia still have trains going at that age, that she felt she had to send a telegram to them as well.

“Greater Anglia’s InterCity fleet first came into use during the reign of Queen Victoria, and has not been changed since. How they are still going is anyone’s guess.”

He confirmed Greater Anglia was the only UK train company to receive the telegram honour.

“Everyone else uses modern trains,” he said.

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