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PM goes pothole potty as HS2 is derailed

PM goes pothole potty as HS2 is derailed

MANCHESTER, UK – Prime Minister Rishi “Brylcreem” Sunak has decided to ditch the controversial HS2 project and redirect the colossal funds into a cause of utmost urgency: the eradication of potholes that plague Britain’s roadways.

In a hastily convened press conference, designed to deflect attention away from the HS2 debacle. Sunak declared, “Potholes are the true enemy of our nation – not me. They lurk in the shadows, waiting to ambush unsuspecting motorists and cyclists. It’s time we stopped questioning my decisions and took a stand against these treacherous road craters.”

Train in vain

HS2, a high-speed railway line project designed to connect London to the West Midlands. It was initially slated to become the crown jewel of Britain’s transport system. However, the sheer scale of the undertaking, along with its hefty price tag, left the nation divided.

With supporters extolling the virtues of speed and opponents lamenting the cost. Now, Sunak’s decision to swap super-speed trains for the humble pothole has sparked a fierce debate.

Critics argue that while the Prime Minister’s intentions may be noble. The shift of funds represents a considerable U-turn on a significant infrastructure project. Oh well, at least his hair looks nice.

North-south divide

Proponents of the “Potholes First” strategy contend that it’s high time the nation focuses on resolving issues closer to London people’s needs. “Who needs rapid rail travel to the grim north when we’re in a constant struggle with the roads in the more important south?” asked one enthusiastic Tory MP and supporter of the pothole plan.

In the end, the British people find themselves at a crossroads, unsure whether the Prime Minister’s focus on potholes is a masterstroke of visionary problem-solving or simply a clever way to ditch unaffordable commitments.

What is clear, however, is that Rishi ‘Brylcreem’ Sunak has demonstrated that he’s willing to go to great lengths – or rather, depths – to fill a few potholes in the name of personal national progress.

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