Tuesday, May 14, 2024

BBC Journalist descendant of brutal Spanish colonizers

With the coronation of King Charlie III just days away, the peasants of Suffolk are making their feelings known.

With their daily lives less and less resembling his gilded existence, is it any wonder the hard-pressed, downtrodden scum of East Anglia are saying ‘Fuck Off’ to the coronation and everything it represents? For where the king has ermine, they have vermin, where the King wears a crown, they wear a frown, and while the King lives in a palace, they live in a town called Malice.

What’s the measure?

The gap between ruler and ruled can no longer be measured with a ruler, nor even a metre stick, because that gap has turned into a chasm,.only measurable by whatever measure metaphorical chasms are measured in.

Let’s take, oh, I don’t know? Political bias, for example. It seems as good a measure as anything to gauge the size of the metaphorical chasm, does it not?

The BBC thinks so. You only have to read a recent ‘news’ article published on its website entitled.‘Why I will not be watching the King’s Coronation’ written by Jamie Moreland & Yazmina García to understand that any divisive or controversial issue covered by ‘aunty beeb’ (can we still say that?) can be measured in pure political bias, i.e. only putting across the views from one side of the argument. In this case, four moronic opinions from carefully selected anti-monarchists. Here is a summary, citing reasons given for snubbing the King on his big day…

Black or brown activist

Chantelle will be focusing her attention on the Eurovision song contest this weekend,.choosing to avoid all Coronation events and coverage in her home city of Liverpool, as they will ‘remind her of something that has been imposed upon her ancestors.’

She doesn’t specify exactly what that something was, or which ancestors in particular she is referring to, but the events must have been important for her to remember something from such a long time ago. Peculiar then, how Chantelle has such a short memory when it comes to the colonial crimes of her adored ‘Europe’ isn’t it?

Take for example just one of the many other European countries that enslaved, brutalized, and colonized the continent of Africa during the scramble for its territories in the 19th Century – France. Here is a list of the countries of Africa that the French colonized:-

World of French

French Algeria, French Protectorate in Morocco, French Protectorate of Tunisia, French West Africa, French Mauritania, French Senegal, French Guinea, French Ivory Coast, French Niger, French Upper Volta, French Dahomey, French Togoland, French Sudan, French Equatorial, Africa, French Gabon, French Congo, Ubangui-Shari, French Chad.

If Chantelle wants us to take her seriously, she might want to think twice about casting her Eurovision vote for France, or indeed for the other great African colonizers, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, or Italy, but of course she won’t, because she isn’t being serious, is she?

Pot calls kettle black

Nor it seems is Spanish BBC journalist and co-author of the copy just quoted, Yazmina García Fernández, when she claims on her Linked in page that she is a “Hands-on and reliable media professional with a sound editorial judgement.”

Sound editorial judgement? More like an accreditation from the Josef Goebbels Ministry of Propaganda.

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