Sunday, June 2, 2024

Prince Andrew left to starve as Pizza Express closes restaurants

By Jane Seymour, Royal Correspondent

There were fears today that Prince Andrew could starve after news that Pizza Express was closing 67 of its restaurants.

He adores eating pizzas with common people and fondly recalls the time he enjoyed a meal at Pizza Express in Woking.

But royal watchers now fear the Duke of York will waste away with nothing to eat because he has nowhere to go.

Prince Andrew promotion
Upper crust: Prince Andrew could starve (Photo Thorne1983 Creative Commons)

Pizza Express announced today it may have to close 67 further branches, on top of the 75 it announced last month.

Hundreds of jobs are at risk, but most Brits will instead be concerned for the welfare of the Queen’s son.

Royal fan Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Poor Andrew loves pizza. What will he eat now? It’s so unfair.

“He’ll be sweating about this.”

It is also unclear where people can now say they were eating when they are alleged to have been somewhere else.

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