Monday, February 12, 2024

Pothole art avenger ‘Wanksy’ targets Suffolk streets

Pothole art avenger ‘Wanksy’ targets Suffolk streets

Pothole art avenger ‘Wanksy’ is targeting the streets of Suffolk after his successful campaign in the north of England.

Armed with only a can of spray paint and a hard-on for social justice. The Mancunian man of mystery is single-handedly taking-on the Highways Agency.and local councils, fighting the good fight to make the many un-car-worthy roads of Britain… well… car-worthy.

Like fellow renegade street artist, Bristolian Banksy, Wanksy uses ninja-style tactics to adorn the tarmac of Britain’s shitty roads.with grafitti’d schlongs, cocks, nobs, peckers, boners, tadgers and willies. His rebel art is designed to highlight dangerous potholes and fissures in the road,.forcing councils into quick repairs… and it works! One pothole which had been left to destroy the tyres, rims and axles of innocent motorists for EIGHT MONTHS,.was repaired within 48 hours of Wanksy spraying the area with a trademark spunking cock.

Suffolk councillors chew-over big cocks

We managed to track down Wanksy as he knocked one out on Risbygate Street in Bury St Edmunds. We asked the hooded gonad guerilla about his choice of the male member as his subject matter. He told us “I spray dicks because they capture people’s attention. Potholes cause untold damage to vehicles and sometimes accidents as people swerve to avoid them. It’s a bloody disgrace, Most people don’t see the holes until its too late, but after I’ve had my tool out and sprayed the area, people can easily see my cock coming.”

Wanksy’s cock keeps popping up all over Suffolk, and as a consequence, the county council has been forced to act swiftly to disguise the pornographic art. Whereas the council feels it can ignore potholes that have not been highlighted by Wanksy, they have been forced to fill the holes with a cock.

Why not join Wanksy in his creative car-care crusade? Send us a pic while you’re at it! All you have to do is go into the street after dark, find a hole or crack you like the look of, and take a selfie of you sticking a big cock in it!

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