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Suffolk anglers celebrated urban fishing Championship

Suffolk anglers celebrated urban fishing Championship
Suffolk anglers celebrated urban fishing Championship

SAXMUNDHAM, SUFFOLK – The Suffolk coarse fishing championship has taken an unexpected turn this year. Swapping the serene banks of the River Orwell for the treacherous urban terrain of Fairfield Road in Saxmundham. And the reason? You guessed it – Potholes!

As the county’s pothole problem reaches epidemic proportions, keen fishermen have seized upon the opportunity, relocating the annual championship to the residential road, which boasts a staggering 40 large and deep water-filled craters, each approximately two meters in diameter.

Rod Panhandle, Treasurer of the Saxmundham Fishing Club, expressed excitement at the new venue’s prospects. “It’s certainly a departure from tradition,” remarked Panhandle, “but with Fairfield Road being home to some of our contestants, it’s certainly easier to get to than the River Orwell.”

Holy mackerel

Indeed, the decision to relocate was met with mixed reactions from the angling community, with some embracing the novelty of fishing amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life, while others claim they have been ‘sold down the river’ lamenting the loss of the tranquil riverside setting.

But for Panhandle and his fellow fishermen, the allure of the potholes proved irresistible. With the promise of reeling in prize-worthy catches – be they perch, pike, or perhaps even the elusive goldfish – contestants eagerly descended upon Fairfield Road, armed with rods, bait, and a healthy dose of optimism.


Of course, navigating the treacherous terrain posed its own set of challenges. As anglers cast their lines into the murky depths, they found themselves contending not only with aggravated motorists and traffic wardens, but also with the occasional urban detritus—bicycle wheels, discarded trainers, and other relics of modern life lurking beneath the surface.

Yet amidst the urban chaos, there were moments of triumph. As the weigh-in commenced, cheers erupted from the crowd as anglers proudly displayed their hauls, their faces beaming with pride at the fruits of their labour.

As the sun set on a revolutionary day in the world of angling, one thing became abundantly clear: even the most unlikely of venues can yield bountiful rewards for those fishermen bold enough to cast their lines into the unknown.

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