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Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow pothole bikini – Holiday Resort

Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow pothole bikini – Holiday Resort

CAMPSEA ASHE, UK –  The Suffolk countryside has revealed a secret Lilliputian holiday resort nestled snugly inside a modest 12-inch pothole.

By Norfolk Reporter: Ian Bred

Local villager, Mrs. Lorainne Fisher, made the incredible discovery as she pedalled her way through the idyllic village of Campsea Ashe on a routine trip to the shops.

The secret holiday resort

As Mrs Fisher’s bicycle veered close to the pothole, a tiny yell of “Mum. Can I have an ice cream?” compelled her to investigate further. Disembarking from her bicycle, she peered into the depths of the seemingly ordinary pothole. Only to be greeted by an extraordinary sight – a bustling microcosm of seaside leisure and relaxation.

Off on their holes

Within the confines of the pothole lay a picturesque beach scene. Complete with golden sands, azure waves, swaying palm trees, and miniature holidaymakers basking in the warm afternoon sun.

Tiny surfers rode miniature waves with gusto, while sunbathers lounged contentedly on the minuscule shore, their joyful chatter barely audible to human ears.

The spectacle defied logic and left Mrs. Fisher pondering the origins of this enchanting miniature world. How had these Lilliputian holidaymakers stumbled upon their tiny paradise, nestled inconspicuously within the crevice of a pothole?

The discovery

News of the remarkable discovery spread quickly through the village, sparking wonder and speculation among residents. How had this tiny holiday resort come to be inside a pothole?

Some speculated it was the work of mischievous Chinese scientists, while others claim the Lilliputian Freedom Army (LFA). Which carried out a series of attacks on the British mainland in the cause of equal rights for tiny people in the 1970s, was holidaying at the resort.

Whatever the truth, as word of the tiny oasis spreads. Visitors are flocking to Campsea Ashe to catch a glimpse of the tiny beachgoers frolicking in their miniature paradise, blissfully unaware of the fascination they’ve sparked in the world above.

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