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Into the Abyss – Stowmarket scuba divers commandeer giant pothole

Into the Abyss – Stowmarket scuba divers commandeer giant pothole

STOWMARKET, SUFFOLK – The Stowmarket Scuba Association has relocated its headquarters to a rather unconventional venue. A humongous giant pothole on the B1113 outside Stowmarket in Suffolk.

The new snorkelling hotspot, affectionately dubbed the “Stowmarket Sinkhole,” is now the epicentre of subaquatic adventures for the 50 daring members of the scuba club.

The Association, dissatisfied with the limitations of its old home at the public baths. It was drawn to the allure of the colossal pothole after it emerged on the side of the road last month. At approximately 3.5 meters across and boasting a staggering 330,000 gallons of rainwater, the pothole is half the size of an Olympic swimming pool – albeit one with slightly less impressive changing rooms.

President quipped

Club president, Frank Saunders, expressed the club’s enthusiasm for the new location. “The club was looking for a location more resembling the great outdoors,”. He quipped, “and when we checked out the pothole, it was perfect, better still, it keeps getting bigger!”

The giant pothole

Local authorities, known for their lackadaisical approach to pothole maintenance, have attempted to take credit for the unconventional initiative. Town planner, Councillor Margaret Poole told the GAZETTE, “It was my idea. I thought of it first and anyone who says I didn’t is a LIAR. Where did you say it was again?”


The club’s divers now plunge into the depths of the Stowmarket Sinkhole every weekend, discovering the hidden treasures that lurk within, from discarded traffic cones to the occasional lost bicycle.

As members of the public get used to the surreal sight of flippers and oxygen tanks emerging from a pothole that was once the bane of motorists, local frogmen and women boldly explore the uncharted waters of suburban spelunking.

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