Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Norfolk bumper crop of fire being harvested

Norfolk bumper crop of fire being harvested

The farmers of Norfolk began harvesting bumper crop of fire. They are calling it Lucifer’s broccoli.

In agriculture, the word “bumper” refers to a crop that yields an unusual large amount of harvest. In this case, a large harvest.

Farmers are confused because the Norfolk bumper crop keeps catching on fire.

It’s a phenomenon known as spontaneous combustion.

Norfolk bumper crops of fire being harvested of strawberries, tomatoes, apples, Christmas peppers, as well as lucifer’s broccoli are all catching on fire at exactly 6pm.

Scarecrows are spontaneously combusting which looks like something out of a horror film.

Extra-terrestrial experts believe that the reason why the crops are catching on fire is because the aliens want to erase the messages they are leaving.

The crop circle messages have been decoded by a cryptologist named Pete Peters. The message says, “send nudes.”

Experts believe that aliens do not want to get caught by their wives. So as soon as the aliens leave the dirty messages, they essentially burn the messages to leave no traces.

“We don’t know where the aliens came from or why they are doing this, but we are trying our best to put a stop to all of this”, said the Prime Minister after Norfolk bumper crop of fire being harvested.

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