Norfolk allows women drivers for the first time

Woman driver

By Ian Bred, Norfolk Correspondent

Norfolk is taking a giant leap out of the Dark Ages by announcing it will allow women to drive for the first time.

Females have been banned from driving down the county lanes and tracks because it was thought to cause promiscuity and family break ups.


But now Norfolk elders have conceded it is unlikely anything can split local brothers from their sisters, and so women can get behind the wheel after all.

However, they will initially only be allowed to drive tractors so that they can at least be seen to be working rather than having a jolly good time.

Woman Darlene Spuckler, 23, from Downham Market (pictured above) said she was delighted to get the chance to driver a tractor.

“This is liberating stuff,” she said. “I’ve watched my brother and our five sons working the field on the tractor and longed for the same freedom.”


Campaigners led by turnip mogul Ned Spuckler, 46, from Norwich, have been calling for a change in the law for years.

“It seems it took a change of heart in Saudi Arabia, which this week announced it would let woman drive, for our authorities to relent as well.

“But whatever the reason, it means Norfolk is fast catching up with he rest of Britain.”

Norfolk elder Billy Bob Spuckler, 87, confirmed: “We are allowing women to drive tractors only for now.

“If they get that hang of it, and it does not cause the break-up of our close Norfolk families, then this may be extended to other vehicles.

“Like horses and carts.”

It later emerged that woman in Norfolk were getting the vote for the first time.

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