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The virtual data room – how to manage mergers and acquisitions successfully

Did you know that ineffective or insufficient due diligence is one of the top five reasons why mergers and acquisitions fail? And believe it or not, lack of managerial involvement is another crucial reason behind failed M&A transactions.

Due diligence is a long, complex, and data-driven process where the acquiring company verifies and analyzes the corporate documents of the target company. Insufficient or impeded access to company data affects the due diligence process, resulting in a failed M&A deal.

That is why enterprises and corporations have shifted to online channels like virtual data rooms to improve the due diligence process and maximize management involvement in M&As. In fact, data room software has become a vital component in mergers and acquisitions in the past few years.

Here is how to manage your mergers and acquisitions with the help of online data room software.

Role of a virtual data room in managing M&As

Modern data room vendors have developed dedicated virtual deal rooms for transactions like M&As. These VDRs secure data storage facilities with advanced project management and collaboration tools. Here is how a VDR plays its role in M&As.

1. Centralized data storage

One of the biggest challenges faced by the acquiring company is checking documents dispersed in different locations. A corporation maintains hundreds of documents of different types, including basic corporate documents (certificate of incorporation, list of subsidiaries, business licenses, and business permits), financial and tax-related documents, intellectual properties, assets, lists of creditors and debtors, strategic plans, employees records, employment contracts, company’s external agreements, etc.

It is improbable that the company maintains all these records in one place because every department maintains its own database. Therefore, project management teams have to spend more time verifying documents separately.

An electronic data room can help an organization store all types of documents on a single, centralized platform. Moreover, it is easy to upload documents in VDR and categorize them in folders or subfolders. You can upload hundreds of files simultaneously using the bulk upload or drag-n-drop feature.

2. Easy access and convenience

Accessing documents in virtual data rooms is super easy. While uploading files, you can add search tags or labels to make the file retrieval process simple. Similarly, a user can search any document by name or keyword. The full-text search feature allows you to find any file by searching it with a phrase or sentence.

Furthermore, online data room software is remotely accessible. The target/seller company can add relevant people from the acquiring company and give them access to corporate documents. Buyers/acquirers can access the data room from their mobile phones, laptops, desktops, or tablets anywhere, anytime.

3. Data security and controlled data flow

As the acquiring company demands full access to all company documents, including intellectual properties and other sensitive data, target companies often feel unsafe during such data exposure; this often leads to disagreements and delayed data access.

Modern virtual data room providers have solved this matter of grave importance. Data rooms give target companies complete control over their business data. For example, the document access control features in VDRs allow them to decide who can or cannot have access to specific files, folders, or a section of the data room. VDR administration can even set time-based access restrictions.

Furthermore, the target/seller company can limit any user from downloading, editing, or printing a document or taking its photos or screenshots. VDR admin can also revoke document access anytime. To avoid data leaks, management can use built-in NDA templates and get them signed by the acquiring company.

4. Seamless online communication

Lack of management involvement is often due to insufficient/ineffective communication between all parties. Senior management often doesn’t feel safe communicating over insecure channels. Furthermore, it becomes difficult to ensure safe group discussions, online meetings, and personal communication.

An electronic data room has all the necessary communication/collaboration tools. For instance, senior officials from both sides can communicate via one-to-one messaging, emails, group chats, videoconferencing, and live Q&A sessions.

Furthermore, room users can add notes or annotations to the documents and request explanations of ambiguous content. The best part? Everything happens within the data room — no threats of data leaks.

5. Transparency

Transparency is crucial in these types of transactions, and virtual data rooms bring that factor to M&A deals. Buyers and sellers can generate audit reports (audit logs) to see all the activities in the data room, including documents opened, edited, or downloaded; detailed reports on group activities, communications, and every single activity in the VDR.

To go one step further, the data room administration can record important discussions, comments, or meetings and use them for legal purposes if needed. Transparency induces a sense of accountability and builds trust.

Final words

Mergers and acquisitions are complex and cumbersome ventures, especially the due diligence stage. Virtual data rooms have simplified due diligence to a great extent. That is the reason why the M&A industry is the biggest use case of online data room software. To find a suitable VDR software for your M&A case, visit this website. It offers a ready-made data room review for all your data storage needs.

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