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Horsepower of Ed Sheeran: Singer’s Music Sends Cavalry Horses Galloping in Panic!

Horsepower of Ed Sheeran: Singer’s Music Sends Cavalry Horses Galloping in Panic!

CENTRAL LONDON  A morning exercise for seven Household Cavalry horses turned into a chaotic rampage through central London streets. Leaving a trail of injuries and damaged property. What triggered this unexpected frenzy? An Ed Sheeran song blaring from a nearby building site, according to eyewitness reports.

By Defence Editor: Doug Trench

The commotion began on Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall at around 8:40 am. As the cavalry horses, spooked by the loud, screeching music, bolted from their military riders. Pandemonium ensued as the horses galloped through bustling streets, colliding with vehicles and pedestrians along the way.

Cavalry Horses horror scene

In one harrowing incident near the Clermont Hotel on Buckingham Palace Road. A Household Cavalry soldier was thrown from his horse after it collided with a car. Witnesses described scenes of chaos and horror as the injured soldier lay on the ground, screaming in pain amid pools of blood.

Multiple collisions occurred, including a horse crashing into a double-decker bus and another into a black cab. Emergency services swiftly responded to the scenes, with paramedics tending to the injured and police working to contain the rampaging horses.

A load of old pony

The Metropolitan Police, alongside the Army, managed to corral the cavalry horses by 10:30 am, bringing an end to the two-hour ordeal. City of London Police assisted in the containment efforts, successfully capturing two horses near Limehouse on the Highway.

Amid the chaos, a silver Mercedes-Benz people carrier and other vehicles sustained damage, while a blue tarpaulin tent was erected to provide medical treatment to the injured soldier.

As the dust settles on this bizarre equine incident, questions linger about the dangers of playing Ed Sheeran’s ‘music’ in public.

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