Norfolk’s answer to Ed Sheeran still waiting for success

Norfolk’s answer to Ed Sheeran is not quite getting the same success as Suffolk’s ginger superstar, it has emerged.

But Wyll James is to be commended for his effort (see below), which has attracted some favourable comments on YouTube from the few people in Norfolk who can read.

Sheeran’s latest hit, Castle on the Hill, is a self-confessed love song about Suffolk, his home county, and has received 20 million YouTube views in just a couple of days.

Meanwhile, James’ release, Talk Norfolk (Norfolk Style), has mounted an impressive 11,000 views in a year and a half.

Now you can view the smash hit from Norfolk’s finest rock star…

Here at the Suffolk Gazette, we love a trier – even if he is from Norfolk. And in fairness, he did get an impressive 900,000 views three years ago from his Norfolk Gangnam Style song!

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