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How Ed Sheeran inspired an East Suffolk property boom

How Ed Sheeran inspired an East Suffolk property boom
How Ed Sheeran inspired an East Suffolk property boom

FRAMLINGHAM, SUFFOLK – The quaint town of Framlingham in Suffolk is experiencing a property boom to match some of the poshest areas of London.

By Our Property Correspondent: Ruth Tyler

Blame it on the Ginger Bard, the local lad turned global pop sensation, Ed Sheeran, who purchased a property in suffolk called ‘Sheeranville’ farm in the area back in 2012. Since then, property prices in Suffolk area have skyrocketed to such astronomical heights that a speculator has put a humble telephone box on the market.

Reports confirm that the telephone box, barely large enough to hold a single bed, could exchange hands for a staggering £750,000. It seems the mere proximity to Sheeran’s pastoral retreat has turned even the most compact and bijou properties into coveted pieces of real estate.

Ginger ringer

Local residents, once accustomed to dialling numbers in the disused telephone box, will now have to pay telephone numbers if they wish to acquire the teeny habitat. The minuscule maison, originally designed for collect calls is now likely to collect big bucks.

Suffolk property agents, seizing the opportunity to cash in on the Sheeran effect, are busy concocting narratives that link the telephone box to the pop star’s creative inspiration. “Imagine penning your next chart-topping ballad in the cozy embrace of this compact 1980s telephone box,” writes one estate agent on their website.

As big-spending Suffolk property investors descend on Framlingham in the hope of bagging a luxury commodity, locals can’t help but wonder where the next Sheeran-induced property hot spot will appear.

Perhaps a bidding war for the town’s public restroom, with its special vocal range-enhancing echo chamber?

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