‘We got Norfolk style, hey inbred lady’

If you thought Gangnam Style was irritating, then perhaps you should be warned not to watch this Norfolk version.

Quite why this Norfolk country bumpkin thought this would be a good idea, heaven knows.

But the video just goes to show why Suffolk tries to keep its distance from those weirdos up the A140.

Wyll James made the film, and we concede it is quite creative, and some of the lyrics are indeed accurate, especially the chorus line: “We got Norfolk style, hey inbred lady.”

“Being from Norfolk I thought it would be a good idea to make a stereotypical video about Norfolk,” Mr James said, before adding quickly: “Just to let everyone Know this is just a joke and we hope nobody is offended by it.”

Best stick with Suffolk, folks!

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3 Comments on "‘We got Norfolk style, hey inbred lady’"

  1. I lived in Beck Row back in the 1950s, and those Norfolk teddy boys used to sing like this outside my window in the middle of the night. They were trying to find their way home to Thetford.

  2. I am laughing myself silly here in sane Suffolk, for which I apologise most profusely to Mrs/Miss Biggern.

  3. I find all this stuff about Norfolk inbreeding to be highly offensive to our family in Swaffham. It’s hardly our fault there’s only a small gene puddle in the county. This article has really upset my mother and sister – she is distraught!

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