Coronavirus isolation improved immeasurably by drinking wine


Britain’s women have discovered that drinking wine regularly helps them cope with coronavirus self-isolation.

There is, however, clearly some confusion over how “regularly” the wine should be drunk.

Medics say the odd glass a day could be beneficial for physical health, and will certainly help keep the spirits up.

But woman Lorraine Fisher, 34, said downing two bottles a day was helping her.

“I read alcohol is a good way to combat Covid-19, so I am doing my bit for Britain.

“I’m getting through some lovely reds and roses. I’ll save the white for tonight.

“It’s a little disappointing that the Government has not acknowledged that wine shops are essential. Their staff should be key workers.”

While trips to the shops are being discouraged, women are increasingly looking to buy wine online from places like Suffolk’s Alchemy Wines.

Ms Fisher added: “I’ve ordered a few boxes which should last me well enough.

“Then I’ll do the same next week.”

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