Caravanners getting camping fix by using their kitchen cupboard as a toilet

Cupboard love in a caravan

Lockdown has been hard on caravan fans, who have been missing their idyllic life on the open road.

To remind them of their happy days and nights in a caravan, they have now taken to sh*tting in a kitchen cupboard.

The confined, smelly place makes for a decent replica of the toilet in their beloved caravan.

Caravanner Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Life in a caravan is great. You get to sh*t in a cupboard just a few feet from your kitchen and bedroom.

“We miss it. So many of us have been taking a dump in a bucket in the kitchen cupboard.

“We then take the stinking contents of the bucket outside and pour it down the drain.

“It’s so realistic.”

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