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Leaked photo of Downing Street garden party shows it was perfectly legal

Downing Street garden party

This exclusive photo of the controversial Downing Street staff party proves social distancing measures were observed at all times.

The Suffolk Gazette was sent the image by regular reader Mr M Gove, who happened to be pruning some branches up a nearby tree when he spotted the gathering on May 20, 2020.

In an email to our editor, tree surgeon Mr Gove wrote: “My photograph shows quite clearly no rules were broken and that the Prime Minister did nothing wrong.

“He’s in there somewhere with Carrie, towards the middle, holding a large chunk of cheese and a bottle of red wine.

“All the people you see are individually mixing with just one other person.”

Invites to the drinks party were originally sent to only 100 Downing Street staff, but like all house parties, it soon got out of control with thousands turning up.

But Mr Gove insists the Government will be cleared of all the allegation of lawbreaking. “It seemed a small and socially distanced event,” he said.

But Labour activist Lorraine Fisher, 34, was not convinced by the photo: “Who is this mysterious Mr Gove who happened to be up a tree?

“The photo is clearly fake, but the fact remains that Boris Johnson has a lot to answer for. He should resign for misleading the public.”

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