Tuesday, May 14, 2024

McDonald’s drive-thru reopens in Ipswich causing traffic chaos

McDonald's drive-thru queue
Queues for the McDonald’s drive-thru in Ipswich (Photo: Lorraine Fisher, 34)

This amazing photo shows Ipswich at a standstill because fast-food giant McDonald’s reopened its drive-thru restaurants.

Our exclusive snap from reader Lorraine Fisher, 34, shows the A14 blocked as desperate motorists tried to get to the McDonald’s in Ravenswood, Ipswich.

It turns out people who are apparently unable to go to work can find the courage to venture out for unnecessary fast food, together with a vital trip to the seaside.

Ms Fisher, 34, said: “I was cycling over a bridge over the A14 when I saw the roads jam-packed with people trying to get to McDonald’s drive-thru.

“The queues reached Felixstowe in one direction and Stowmarket in the other.

“Have these people got nothing better to do? Like staying at home and remaining safe?”

Ipswich police had to close one of the drive-thru’s owing to the long queues.

Resident Steve Walshe said: “It’s madness. But don’t worry, all these people will be self-congratulating themselves while clapping the NHS tonight.”

East Anglia hasn’t witnessed amazing scenes like this since dragons returned to Norfolk’s skies earlier this month (as retweeted by JK Rowling, so it must be true).

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