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Clacton McDonald’s suspends milkshake sales until after election

Clacton McDonald’s suspends milkshake sales until after election
Clacton McDonald’s suspends milkshake sales until after election

McDONALD’S, CLACTON-ON-SEA – In election news, the Clacton branch of McDonald’s has posted a notice in its window, announcing that at the request of the Reform Party, they will not be serving milkshakes or ice cream until July 5th, after the general election.

By Our Political Correspondent: Polly Ticks

Nigel Farage’s foray into Clacton-on-Sea recently left him drenched in a banana milkshake during his first campaign appearance in the town.

The incident occurred as Farage was departing the Moon and Starfish pub. With a mysterious woman in a white hoodie launching the dairy-based assault on the unsuspecting politician.

In a characteristically cheeky response to the assault, Farage quipped. “I just wish the milkshake had been strawberry flavor and come with a Big Mac & Fries!”. His quick wit elicited laughter from the crowd, showcasing Farage’s thick milkshake skin.

McFlurry of speculation

Farage, whose usually pristine suits now bear streaks of yellow ice cream. Addressed a fervent crowd of supporters at a rally in Clacton. His message, undampened by the milkshake mishap, was fiery and direct. He lambasted the Tories for their perceived betrayal of Brexit promises. Vowing that they would “pay a Big Mac price” for their actions and hinted at a run for PM in 2019.

Dapper Farage’s decision to stand for election in Clacton-on-Sea marks a strategic move in his political career, signalling his intent to challenge the Conservative Party’s stance on Brexit and immigration.

With Reform UK gaining momentum under Farage’s leadership, the stage is set for a contentious electoral battle in the seaside town.

As Farage presses forward with his campaign. His milkshake moment serves as a reminder of the combative nature of British politics and the fervent passions it ignites.

Whether his unconventional approach will yield electoral success remains to be seen. Still, one thing is certain: Nigel Farage isn’t one to back down, even when the burger and chips are down.

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