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Golden boy Sunak’s shine washed away by local flood fury across the UK

Golden boy Sunak’s shine washed away by local flood fury across the UK

Beleaguered British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak finally descended upon the sopping streets of Oxford this week. In a bid to fend-off growing criticism of his handling of widespread flooding across the UK

But his efforts to demonstrate leadership were swiftly overshadowed by a choice of transportation. That left locals choking on their bottled water.

Arriving in a spectacle of opulence, Sunak touched down in a gold-plated helicopter. Generously sponsored by major fossil fuel corporations, including British Gas, Shell, and BP. The choice of a gas-guzzling chariot for a leader preaching about energy conservation and championing net-zero targets didn’t escape the keen scrutiny of the public.

Body talk

Critics seized on the perma-grinned prime minister’s seeming hypocrisy. Highlighting the stark contrast between his ostentatious aerial arrival and the very environmental consciousness he advocates. Local residents, grappling with the aftermath of flooding that had affected 1,800 properties nationwide. They were caught on camera looking distinctly unimpressed by the grandiose entrance.

Special Welly for Flood across UK

In one photograph, a welly-booted gentleman who could easily have been a Tory councillor. Stood a distance away from the PM, hands firmly embedded in his pockets and his body language speaking volumes.

PM for the chopper

The gold-plated helicopter spectacle not only fueled accusations of Sunak being “out of touch” with the realities on the ground but also intensified the perception of an entitled leader more enamoured with lavish optics than practical solutions.

As the embarrassing images circulated in the press, the prime minister found himself trapped in a deluge of criticism akin to being in a puddle up to his middle. As fishy Rishi made a quick getaway in his chopper, locals were left questioning the sincerity of his commitment to addressing the urgent climate and environmental challenges facing the nation, and his competence in dealing with the basic needs of the British Public.

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