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All roads lead to Rome (except through Council construction)

All roads lead to Rome (except through Ipswich Council construction)

IPSWICH, SUFFOLK – Council construction workers in Ipswich have taken a leaf out of history. The history books to deflect complaints as they carry out roadworks in the town centre.

Property Correspondent: Ruth Tyler

A public notice erected near the council construction site reads, “Sorry for the inconvenience. If Rome was built in a day we would have used the same contractor.”

The tongue-in-cheek sign combines an apology for any disruption caused by the ongoing roadworks. With a famous historical reference to patience and perseverance. As residents and passersby navigate their temporarily torn-up streets. The sign offers a moment of pause for thought, reminding everyone that even the grandeur of Rome took time to realise.

Ipswich wasn’t built in a day

The builders, armed not only with jackhammers and concrete but also with a keen sense of historical irony. Harked back to the classical era in an attempt to deflect attention away from their snails’ pace progress.

It had taken a staggering 1,229 years to build Rome from its founding until its eventual collapse in 476 A.D. When Germanic tribes breached its borders. The sluggish council construction workers’ sign cheekily acknowledges that they are operating on a slightly tighter deadline.

Council construction workers

As the council construction workers continue to huff and puff over jackhammers and asphalt. The inconvenienced residents of Ipswich have accepted that, like Rome, some things are worth the wait—no matter how long it takes.

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