Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Lottery winner blows his fortune on a Southwold holiday

Southwold is expensive on the Suffolk coast
Southwold, reassuringly expensive

Lottery winner Jim Beam has blown his £3.2 million fortune on an ill-advised week’s holiday in Southwold.

Mr Beam, 38, who won the lottery last month, decided to treat his family to a staycation break on the Suffolk coast.

But the ruinous cost of Southwold has left him penniless.

Mr Beam lamented: “The price of renting a cottage that was built for midgets; the cost of the restaurants and pubs; even essentials were way more than I thought.

“A round of golf and a brief shopping trip for clothes for the missus in a local boutique wiped me out.”

He admits he must now go back to his boss at a factory in Bury St Edmunds and beg for his job back.

“Unfortunately, I told him what I thought of his when I walked out a multi-millionaire two weeks ago.

“Hopefully, he’s forgotten all about that.”

Suffolk lottery winner

Southwold tourism officer Lorraine Fisher, 34, said the seaside resort was reassuringly expensive for a reason.

“We don’t want any old riff-raff,” she said. “Mr Beam was new money and we prefer old money here.”

Ms Fisher added that Mr Beam might like to try Lowestoft next year, or anywhere in Norfolk.

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