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Newcastle tourists collapse in Southwold from heatstroke

Two Newcastle tourists collapsed in Southwold from heatstroke today, it has been revealed.

The middle-aged Northerners, more used to Arctic temperatures, were unprepared for the warm February weather on the Suffolk coast.

They were taken ill while walking along the promenade in t-shirts and shorts and collapsed on the beach close to the pier.

Suffolk Ambulance Service spokesperson Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “The poor people are so acclimatised to the freezing weather in Northern England that they were totally unprepared for the Suffolk winter sunshine.

“We would urge anyone who lives north of Leicester to slap on sun cream to protect themselves while visiting Southwold or any of our quaint Suffolk resorts, like Lowestoft, in this warm weather.”

Winter temperatures in the south have rocketed to record levels, reaching a spectacular 21.2 degrees in London yesterday.

Forecasters have told health authorities in the North to be aware of mass casualties should the heat spread up there.

Meanwhile, the unnamed Newcastle couple recovered at a local doctors’ surgery and were sent on their way after a soothing pint of Adnams.

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