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England fans face crackdown on fake shirts ahead of Euro 2024

England fans face crackdown on fake shirts ahead of Euro 2024

WEMBLEY, ENGLAND – Football fever is in the air as fans gear up for Euro 2024, but amidst the excitement. England supporters are being cautioned against donning counterfeit football shirts, with the threat of hefty fines looming over those caught in possession of fake merchandise.

By Our By Our Football Staff

In a bid to support their team without breaking the bank, many fans have turned to alternative sources for replica jerseys. Which offer a more budget-friendly option compared to the steep price tags of official kits.

However, the allure of affordable alternatives may come at a cost, as wearing counterfeit shirts in Germany during the tournament could land fans in hot water.

Euro 2024 endangered shirts

Trademark law violations are at the heart of the crackdown on fake shirts. With penalties reaching as high as €5,000 (£4,260) for offenders. Random checks at major transport hubs and event venues are expected to be commonplace, leaving fans at risk of facing fines for their choice of attire.

Fans get shirty

But amidst the fervor over fake shirts, some football enthusiasts are raising eyebrows at the England team’s own jersey choices.

The iconic red-shirted kits of England’s footballing glory days seem to have been replaced by multicoloured ‘woke’ or purple alternatives. Leading some fans to argue that the real “fake shirts” are the ones worn by the players themselves.

The departure from tradition has sparked debate among purists, who long for the nostalgia of England’s 1966 heyday.

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New LGBTQIA+ colour-blind pride flag revealed

New LGBTQIA+ colour-blind pride flag revealed
New LGBTQIA+ colour-blind pride flag revealed

SOHO, LONDON – A new LGBTQIA+colour-blind pride flag has been released to coincide with the beginning of Pride month

By Our Entertainment Editor: Arthur Pint

The new design which celebrates colour-blind people from all the various categories of gayness contained in the latest variant of the LGBTQIA+ flag. Which is designed to add further diversity to the already over-complicated Pride flag.

Flag designer, Larry Inman, who has several pronouns and identifies as colour-blind, gay, black. A Chinese told the SUFFOLK GAZETTE, “Ooooh, well I am colour-blind, both literally and racially. I don’t see colour. I’m colour-blind. Black, white, red, brown, when the pants are down, it’s all the same to me ducky.”

Spot the difference

The new flag design is based on the famous Ishihara colour test. A colour vision test for detection of red–green colour deficiencies. It was named after its designer, Shinobu Ishihara. A professor at the University of Tokyo, who first published his tests in 1917.

Inman plans to distribute over 10,000 flags and posters featuring the new design. During Pride month and hopes it will provide the equity and inclusion that he claims colour-blind gender fluids have been denied. As other special interest sex groups have thrived in an era of shameless gay showboating.

New LGBTQIA+ flag confusion

“Some people have criticised the constant changes to the pride rainbow flag, but I think sexual liberation is about moving with the times,” Inman said as he adjusted the crotch of his tight denim shorts to ease the pressure on his genitals. “What is it they say? Over-elaborate, divisive and unnecessary? My arse!”

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Championship league Final London pride: Wembley & Westminster celebrate in style

Championship league Final London pride: Wembley & Westminster celebrate in style
Championship league Final London pride: Wembley & Westminster celebrate in style

In a clash that saw Spanish footballing giants Real Madrid seize victory yet again, defeating Borussia Dortmund 2-0 in a Champions League final showdown at Wembley, the pitch was not only the stage for sporting glory but also the scene of disruptive antics by ‘hooligan’ fans.

By Our Football Staff

Borussia Dortmund 0 Real Madrid 2
 HT 0-0Daniel Carvajal (74′)
  Vinicius Junior (83′)

As Real Madrid clinched their 15th European crown, the match unfolded amidst a backdrop of royal festivities in central London. Commemorating the official birthday of the British monarch. Yet, amidst the jubilation, chaos ensued as two pitch-invading ruffians disrupted proceedings. Delaying the game and prompting a swift response from security personnel.

Play it square

However, amidst the footballing drama, a contrasting narrative unfolded on the streets of London. Thousands of supporters, gathered for Tommy Robinson’s anti-two-tier-policing march in Parliament Square, and were hailed for their exemplary behaviour, despite being unjustly labelled as “far-right football hooligans” by mainstream media outlets like Sky News and the Daily Mail.

Championship League Final

Back at Wembley, the championship league final game pressed on. With Dortmund proving to be a formidable opponent for the seasoned champions. The Bundesliga underdogs displayed courage and skill, testing Real Madrid’s defensive prowess and challenging their renowned one-touch passing strategy.

Real Madrid, however, maintained their composure, capitalizing on their offensive opportunities. With lightning-fast wingers Dani Carvajal and Federico Valverde wreaking havoc on the flanks, and Vini Jr showcasing his lightning speed, Los Blancos kept the pressure on Dortmund’s defence.

Vini vidi vici

Despite brave attempts by Dortmund to thwart their opponents, Real Madrid’s persistence paid off. Carvajal’s well-timed header from a Toni Kroos corner broke the deadlock, sending the Madrid faithful into a frenzy of celebration.

As the match drew to a close, Vini Jr sealed the victory with a clinical finish. Securing yet another Champions League triumph for Real Madrid and adding to coach Carlo Ancelotti’s illustrious record.

In the end of the championship league final. It was a day when everyone, English, Spanish, or German got behind their nation and it’s flag.

Bum-pinchers descend on Suffolk Booty bakery

Bum-pinchers descend on Suffolk Booty bakery
Bum-pinchers descend on Suffolk Booty bakery

IPSWICH, SUFFOLK – A bakery in Ipswich, Suffolk, has unwittingly become the unintended hotspot for dirty old men in raincoats seeking cheap thrills.

By Our Consumer Correspondent: Colin Allcabs

The reason? A seemingly innocent advertising poster depicting “Fresh Buns” displayed above a tantalizing image of baked goods resembling the alluring curves of a woman’s buttocks.

What began as a harmless attempt to attract customers with a playful pun quickly spiralled into a surreal scene reminiscent of a slapstick comedy. Instead of finding themselves surrounded by a bevvy of alluring ladies. Visiting pervs were greeted by shelves stocked with nothing more than loaves of bread, cakes, and pastries. Ugh!

Pervert’s paradise

The Flowermill bakery’s owners, initially puzzled by the sudden influx of disturbed visitors. Soon realized the unintended consequences of their choice of advertisement.

As the news of the poster spread like wildfire through the town’s sex-crazed underworld. The bakery became a magnet for a steady stream of raincoat-clad sleazeballs seeking a different kind of “buns.”

Dismayed residents, appalled by the sight of hordes of geriatric weirdos loitering outside the bakery, instantly called the Police.

Clever marketing by Suffolk bakery

Despite Suffolk bakery’s genuine attempt to lure normal, food-loving customers with a clever marketing tactic. The unintended consequences serve as a smutty reminder that sometimes, a simple pun can lead to unforeseen pornographic consequences.

As for the dirty old men in raincoats, they left Suffolk bakery with nothing more than a soft sausage roll in hand.

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Absent-minded bus driver takes a trip down memory lane

Absent-minded bus driver takes a trip down memory lane
Absent-minded bus driver takes a trip down memory lane

BUS LANE, IPSWICH –  Jonathan Crankshaft, a bus driver with Ipswich Buses, is making headlines with a unique solution to his early onset dementia-related forgetfulness. Bosses at Ipswich Buses have devised a special digital display to aid Crankshaft whenever he loses track of his route.

By Our Norfolk Reporter: Ian Bred

The innovation? A conspicuous button marked with a question mark on Crankshaft’s dashboard. When pressed, it instantly populates the display on the front of his bus with the urgent message: “Help I’m lost.”

Route doesn’t ring a bell

Crankshaft, speaking to the SUFFOLK GAZETTE, shared insights into the effectiveness of this new feature. “I’ve only had to use the emergency messaging facility twice since it was installed last week,” he disclosed. The first instance, he admitted, was due to his own forgetfulness about the purpose of the question mark button.

“The second time,” Crankshaft recounted with a wry grin, “was when a passenger asked me to help lift a buggy onto the bus… I couldn’t be arsed to do the heavy lifting, so I just pressed the button.”

His casual attitude toward utilizing the emergency message feature left this reporter incredulous, yet Crankshaft remains appreciative of the support provided by his employers. “It’s a relief to know I have this option,” he confessed. “It’s all about making sure I can still do my job and… erm… sorry, err? what were we talking about?”

The initiative by Ipswich Buses highlights a compassionate approach to accommodating employees with cognitive challenges while ensuring passenger safety and service continuity.

As Crankshaft continues his route, passengers can rest assured that even if he occasionally loses his bearings, help is just a button press away.

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How Mobile Casinos Enhance The Environment in Australia


The twenty-first century marks the emergence of technological advancements, which cut across many industries. The entertainment world has witnessed a revolution over the years: the rise of online gambling.

This emerging trend has become increasingly accessible thanks to the growth of the mobile games market. While the thrill of the casino experience is great, it is worth noting that mobile gambling has positively impacted the environment in numerous ways.

While our experts give a thumbs up to online gamblers who made the switch to this new rave of gambling, it is vital to explore these environmental benefits. This article discusses how mobile casinos contribute to Austria’s green future.

5 Significant Benefits of Online Casino Platforms in Australia

Industries with physical establishments leave a significant ecological footprint, and the gambling sector is not excluded. These physical sites cater to hundreds of audiences in attendance and various pokie machines; they consume vast amounts of energy. It is no doubt apparent that mobile casinos rise to the occasion, offering an eco-friendlier alternative.

Recent reports indicate that about 2 in 5 Australian gamblers place bets from their smartphones, which implies reduced visits to a physical location to do so. Let’s examine a few environmental perks this new trend brings.

  1. Reduction of Carbon Emissions

A significant perk of mobile casino platforms is how they reduce physical travel. Users can imagine the countless car and bus trips avoided when they can enjoy their favourite pokies or live dealer titles from their couch.

Also, this new form of gambling allows Aussies to enjoy casino games regardless of location. Whether they are on a business trip in Perth or relaxing on a beach in Byron Bay, a mobile casino with top security measures is always within reach.

  1. Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Many casinos leverage existing digital infrastructure, reducing the dependence on additional power-intensive buildings and equipment. They differ from their land-based counterparts, who need constant lighting and rows of slot machines, by operating on efficient servers that consume less power.

Furthermore, the increased adoption of renewable energy success has further led the iGaming sector to reduce its environmental impact. They can power gaming operations via wind, solar, or hydroelectricity.

Physical casinos require vast resources to construct and maintain — from concrete and steel for buildings to the ongoing use of water and electricity — which makes the environmental impact undeniable. On the flip side, mobile casinos do not need these resources to survive. Since it operates in a smaller physical space, there is no construction waste and reduced water consumption.

Balancing Online Gambling with Offline Activities

The convenience and accessibility that mobile casinos offer are excellent for all users who enjoy gambling on the go. Yet, it is vital to maintain a healthy balance between online and offline activities. This is important as one can infringe on the other without care.

Experts at Stakers recommend that users see online gambling as a form of entertainment, not a replacement for social activities. Here are a few tips that can help users achieve such balance.

  • Set time limits on gaming activities and stick to them.
  • Play with funds that you can afford to risk only.
  • Prioritize face-to-face interactions with family and loved ones.

Final Thoughts

The rise of iGaming platforms in Australia presents an opportunity to combine entertainment with environmental practices. Notably, more eco-friendly practices will be expected as the industry grows and innovates. Users who are delighted by these prospects should cultivate a balanced approach to this new gaming trend. While they can enjoy the ease and convenience, it is vital to step away from the screen and embrace the beauty of the natural world.

How Mobile Casinos Enhance The Environment in Australia
How Mobile Casinos Enhance The Environment in Australia
How Mobile Casinos Enhance The Environment in Australia

Britain’s ‘Ghost Shortage’ does not apply to the Labour Party

Britain’s ‘Ghost Shortage’ does not apply to the Labour Party
Britain’s ‘Ghost Shortage’ does not apply to the Labour Party

LABOUR PARTY HQ, LOWESTOFT – Britain is said to be grappling with a crisis of the paranormal kind – a shortage of ghosts – but try telling that to Sir Keir Starmer.

By Our Political Correspondent: Polly Ticks

According to leading paranormal expert Dr. Bill Spector, the UK’s ghostly heritage is dwindling as ageing spirits either fade away or move on to the “other side.”

But Dr. Spector, renowned for his research into all things eerie. He would be hard-pressed to convince Sir Keir that ghosts are a thing of the past. As the terrifying spectre of Labour’s hard-left ghouls and ghosts: Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott, and Tony Blair follow him around, spooking his campaign at every turn.

Ghosts in the machine

Spector (no relation to 60’s record Producer, Phil) who has a PhD in Scooby Doo cartoons. He shared his findings with the SUFFOLK GAZETTE, noting a concerning trend since January 2020.

“I’ve been tracking all the reported haunted locations in Suffolk” he revealed. “And apart from the Labour Party HQ in Westminster, many have reported no unexplained activity in recent years.”

Among the affected locations with sparse spooks are famed haunts like The Angel Hotel in Lavenham, Bungay Castle, and The Woolpack Pub in Ipswich. “It seems as though many famous ghosts are either dormant or have vanished,” Dr. Spector lamented.

However, he offered a glimmer of hope, suggesting that the ghosts of Labour’s hard-left like Hackney North MP, Abbott. Who was suspended last year for saying Jewish, Irish and Traveller people do not face racism like black people, are still in evidence and are likely to make more appearances as the general election campaign hots up.

Could it be that the malign spirits of Abbott and Corbyn will malinger on in the political realm. Even after Starmer enters Downing St, influencing the Labour Party’s fortunes from beyond the grave, and hastening Britain’s grim decline? Only time will tell.

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Nations to look out for at Euro 2024

Nations to look out for at Euro 2024
Nations to look out for at Euro 2024

It’s just under a month until Europe’s powerhouses clash on the international stage, as Euro 2024 kicks off on June 14 with Germany taking on Scotland at the Allianz Arena.

The current Euro winner odds have England, France and Germany as the favourites for the competition, however, there are a few nations heading into the tournament that could exceed all expectations placed upon them.


Beginning with one of the most in-form nations in international football currently, Austria have hit their stride just before Euro 2024 under the tenure of former Manchester United boss, Ralf Rangnick.

The German has overseen only one defeat in the last 14 games for Austria since their disappointing five-game run without a victory that saw them relegated from League A of the UEFA Nations League.

That single defeat came in a narrow 3-2 loss to Belgium in October 2023 despite still showing positive signs, holding 58% possession and registering nine more shot attempts. 

Along the way, Rangnick has also managed some impressive results against credible opposition, with 2-0 victories over both Italy and Germany, a double over Sweden in Euro qualification, a 1-1 stalemate against Belgium, and their most recent result being a 6-1 thumping of Turkey.

Placed in Group D alongside European giants Netherlands, France, and Poland, Rangnick’s men are not expected to progress through the group stages. However, with the form they have displayed leading into the tournament, there is a real potential of Austria causing a major upset in the group stages.


Likewise, Hungary are another side that are currently flying ahead of Euro 2024. Unbeaten in their last 14 matches, their last defeat came against the reigning Euro 2020 champions, Italy, in 2022.

In Euro 2020, the odds were stacked against the Hungarians, as they were placed in the ‘Group of Death’ with France, Germany, and Portugal, finishing bottom of the group despite two impressive draws against France and Germany.

Although, this time their pathway for qualification to the knockout stages is looking far kinder, as they have once again drawn Germany in Group A, alongside Scotland and Switzerland.

Defensively, head coach, Marco Rossi, will be relying on the experience of his RB Leipzig duo, Peter Gulacsi, and Willi Orban, to help keep the opposition at bay, and will also need Liverpool star, Dominik Szoboszlai, to be on top form offensively to provide inspiration for his side.

A less difficult group, coupled with recent form bodes well for a more positive tournament than in 2021, and they may well prove to be a dark horse to watch out for this summer.


Another side heading into the tournament in great form are Ukraine, suffering only a single defeat in their previous ten international fixtures, while facing off against some of Europe’s best outfits.

Draws against Germany, England and Italy are among their recent results, displaying that they can compete with Europe’s elite, and could prove to be a tricky knockout game for anyone if they qualify past the group stages.

Residing in Group E, Ukraine have drawn a relatively fortunate group, containing Slovakia, Belgium, and Romania, which provides them with a great opportunity to qualify for the knockout stages.

Especially considering the crop of talent that they currently possess, with head coach, Serhiy Rebrov, having some outstanding players to choose from.

Some notable options include Real Madrid’s Andriy Lunin, who has had an excellent season filling in for Thibaut Courtois, Mykhailo Mudryk, who was valued at £88.5 million by Chelsea in January 2023, Artem Dovbyk, who has registered 27 goal contributions for Girona in LaLiga this season, as well as Arsenal’s Oleksandr Zinchenko, and Everton’s Vitaliy Mykolenko.


Punching above their weight by progressing to the final and semi-final of the last two World Cup’s, Croatia have built a reputation for being a dangerous outfit that can threaten and overcome any international giant, which is reflected in the UEFA Euro 2024 betting odds ahead of their opening fixture against Spain.

However, despite their fantastic recent record in World Cups, they are yet to translate that success into the Euros, as they have been knocked out of the last two tournaments in the round of 16 by both Portugal and Spain.

Once again, the Croats will have to earn their reputation as giant killers in international football, as they find themselves in Group B, contesting against Spain, Italy, and Albania to qualify for the knockout stages.

Though they face tough opposition, manager, Zlatko Dalic, does have top class talent at his disposal, including Manchester City duo, Josko Gvardiol, and Mateo Kovacic, as well as Luka Modric, Josip Stanisic, Marcelo Brozovic, and Andrej Kramaric.

With the quality they possess, and the recent track record in international tournaments, it would certainly be foolish to rule out Croatia’s chances of making an appearance late on in the competition.