Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Horses ‘more intelligent’ than Katy Price

Horses ‘more intelligent’ than Katy Price

HORSHAM, WEST SUSSEX – Scientists say that media personality and former tit model, Katy Price a.k.a. ‘Jordan’ is ‘less intelligent than a horse’.

In news that might shock the worlds of showbiz & hippology (the study of horses – honestly!), clever scientists have revealed that based on a series of scientific comparisons with Katy Price, 54, the average horse is more likely to be able to jump over a bush without breaking its legs than the talented, glamorous ex-wife of South African pop singer, Peter Andre.

The detailed, science-based tests revealed that horses:-

  • possess the intelligence of a 3-year-old child
  • can recognize themselves in a mirror
  • can learn complex tricks or commands

From this data, the horse boffins were able to conclude that horses are in fact way more intelligent than Price.

Are other animals smarter than Katy Price?

Famous zoologist, Dr Doolittle says that there is evidence that demonstrates some other species of animal are in fact, smarter than Katy Price. For example:-


Raccoons’ hearing is so sensitive they can make out earthworms chatting underground.


Octopuses are the smartest invertebrates (W.C. ‘animals without backbones’) on the planet. They have eight legs and there is no record in history of an octopus ever breaking one jumping over a bush into an underground car park.


Chimps share 95 to 98 percent of DNA with humans. Although this doesn’t necessarily make them smarter than Price, it almost certainly does her car dealer boyfriend, Carl Woods.

W.C. = Working Class

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