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How to Properly Clean Your Rental Property’s Exterior

How to Properly Clean Your Rental Property's Exterior

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, there comes a time when you have to prepare your rental property for the next tenants or when you’re moving out.

Either way, there are a few things you need to do, and it may surprise some people, but no, cleaning the interior is not the only thing you have to take care of. Many forget about the exterior of the property, which also requires some special attention.

And in the following lines, you’ll find out why, where, who, and how to address the exterior of your rental property and the overall property maintenance.

Why is rental property exterior cleaning important

While the interior of the rental property certainly matters, you can’t deny that the exterior is what makes the first impression.

A tidy, clean, and beautiful exterior is a great starting point. Spending time on its appearance with the appropriate maintenance will definitely leave a great first impression on potential tenants.

But if you’re a tenant, you should know that cleaning the exterior is just as important as the interior of the rental property if you don’t want to lose your bond.

So, when you’re performing move-out cleaning, you’ll need some heavy-duty cleaning equipment, depending on where you live, to restore the property’s overall look as it was when you first moved in.

Cleaning the exterior is important if you want to make a great first impression or secure getting your bond money back.

How to clean rental property’s exterior?

You need to consider a few things before you begin the actual work. You surely want your rental property to be the best-looking one on the block.

Many tenants don’t know how to do end of tenancy cleaning properly and make mistakes. There’s no need for that.

Make sure you take care of the following things to restore the extraordinary appearance of the rental property:

  • Pressure wash the driveway. It’s known that high-pressure cleaning is the fastest and most effective way to ensure your property’s exterior is clean. People use high-pressure cleaning techniques for the driveway, the roof, bricks, and pavement, and cleaning limestone. It takes just a few hours to clean the driveway like a pro with the right equipment and surface cleaners. Before you begin, you should put aside any rocks, leaves, mulch, or other objects in the way. The reason is obvious. High-pressure washers blast out water with great speed, so there’s a good chance you damage the objects that are in the way if you don’t remove them.

  • Clean the exterior of the windows. Let’s not forget about the windows! The salty air and intense weather cause a lot of dirt on the exterior of the windows. You’ve probably cleaned them on the inside many times, but you didn’t do it so much on the outside. Taking care of their exterior appearance will bring greater visual results and benefit the windows by removing algae buildup on the frames. Clean windows always make a great impression, and your landlord will be more than happy to see you didn’t forget about them.

  • Clean the roof and gutters. Regular maintenance of the roof and gutters is necessary to ensure their perfect condition and functionality. Their regular cleaning is the key to keeping them working correctly. Gutters, especially, are very delicate but often get neglected over the years, which causes overflowing on the sides and other issues in relation to the property’s exterior. That’s why regular roof and gutter cleaning and maintenance are crucial. When cleaning gutters, you’ll first want to begin with removing leaves and other debris which have accumulated inside over time. Then, you’ll want to give them a good rinse until they look clean. Don’t forget about the downspouts too. You can care for them using a garden hose or a high-pressure washer. They will help you blast out any remaining leaves or debris.

  • Take care of the front and backyard. You’ll need to do a few things about the front and backyard to restore the outstanding appearance of your property’s exterior. It’s best to start by pulling any weeds and removing dead leaves or branches. You can continue with mowing the lawn and cleaning any outdoor furniture. Another thing many people forget about is ensuring all light fixtures are working. So, make sure you add this to your checklist too. You should also check for cobwebs and get rid of them too.

Who is responsible for the rental property’s exterior cleaning

When it comes to responsibilities, it really depends on local and state laws, but the exterior of the rental property is the responsibility of both the landlord and the tenant.

Usually, the landlord’s job is to take care of gutter and roof cleaning and maintaining trees. But it’s the tenant’s responsibility to mow the lawns, weed the gardens, and clean the windows.

The rule is simple – the tenant should leave the rental property in the condition when they first moved in. The tenant is responsible for replacing and cleaning anything they damaged.

Anyways, it’s best to check in your agreement and discuss anything that’s not written in it with your landlord to ensure everything’s clear and everyone knows their responsibilities.


The property’s exterior is just as important as the interior. It’s the one that makes the first impression, and you want it to be good.

It’s surely not an easy task cleaning and maintaining it. That’s why many landlords and tenants seek the help of property maintenance services and professional cleaning services.

Why do something yourself when you can get it done by people who know exactly what they’re doing? You’ll have much more free time dealing with other important matters such as finding a new rental property, packing things, or something else.

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