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Bury St Edmunds hit by flying squirrel row

Just weeks after the outcry over a gorilla being shot when a toddler wandered into his enclosure, a similar debate has erupted right here in Suffolk.

The Abbey Gardens in Bury St Edmunds has become the latest focus of attention for animal rights activists worldwide after the rough treatment of one of the town’s star attractions.

It has emerged that Tarquin the grey squirrel, who resides near the park gates, was drop-kicked by a mother because he and his mates had cornered her terrified son.


Witnesses told how the toddler was waiting by the toilets for his mother when he was surrounded by the squirrels. She returned and promptly drop-kicked the nearest bushy–tailed assailant in the air.

Angela Wortham was eating lunch with her family on the grass nearby when a dazed Tarquin landed in their picnic hamper. She said: “Tarquin is a gentle creature who was subjected to violence that was easily preventable. He limped away but thankfully he’ll be okay.”

She said if the toddler had given up his pink iced-finger to the hungry squirrels, the incident would never have happened.

grey-squirrelFlying squirrel: Tarquin seemed to have recovered yesterday

Arthur McMillian, one of Bury’s leading animal rights activists, said that this was just another act of animal cruelty in Suffolk, coming weeks after the unfortunate seagull laxative incident in Lowestoft.

St Edmundsbury council said if visitors stopped feeding the squirrels then incidents like this would not happen again.

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